Movie Review: Paranormal Activity

This review has been in the making for quite a while.  I saw it the weekend just before it was fully released.  There was only 1 theater in the San Jose area showing the movie so my friends and I grabbed our tickets in advance.  It was the 10:30pm showing and we got to the theater around 9:30.  Upon arriving there was already a line forming outside that stretched at least 100+ people long (maybe more).  Basically, when we got in all the prime seats were already taken and we had to sit closer to the screen that I would have liked.

Don’t believe all the hype but it is definitely worth watching.  I think I expected too much which is why there were some moments where I was a little bored.  The movie took a while to get started but basically when the we got to the night-time scenes my heart started to race.  I even had to told my friend’s hands to help ease some of the tension.

The Verdict:  See it!  Preferably during one of the late night showings.


~ by jedimasterglo on November 4, 2009.

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