House of Prime Rib – San Francisco

I like my Travel Channel shows that  focus on food.  So when the Anthony Bourdain episode in San Francisco aired, I was quite excited.  It was his visit to the House of Prime Rib that got my mouth-watering.  So.. I “Yelped” the restaurant and was convinced that I had to pay a visit to the House.

They were already fully booked for the upcoming weekend and with the Pacquiao fight on Saturday night the only time to visit was on Sunday.  No big deal, my friend and I figured that walking in on an early Sunday afternoon could not be too bad of a wait.  Upon arrival the hostess told us the wait was about 1 hour.  We arrived at 4:30 and were seated at 5:30, she was right on.  To pass the time we sat in the lounge area with dark wood-paneled walls, a cozy fireplace, and even a HDTV in one corner. As my pre-dinner cocktail, I ordered a dirty vodka martini.  My friend  ordered a gin martini.  The martinis arrived in their own pourable glasses which was a nice touch.

Now on to the dinner.  Everything about the dinner experience there was superb; the food, the service, the ambiance,the wine…all fabulous.  The menu is very simple, just choose your cut of prime rib and sides.  Baked or mashed potato? Creamed spinach or creamed corn?  I’m not a wine expert so the I was pleased to see such a variety of wines in the wine list.  We selected a Hess Cabernet which was only $36 for the bottle.

Upon sitting we were served with a warm loaf of good ol’ SF sourdough bread and some butter.  Next was the house salad which accompanies each meal.  What makes this salad different is that the server arrives at the table the mixture of greens and beets and then mixes the salad with their house dressing right before your eyes.  When it was time for the meat, our server arrived with the Silver Bullet meat cart.

I had the House of Prime Rib cut while my friend ordered the King Henry VIII cut, their largest cut, I’m guessing 16oz? Oh, I forgot to mention the Yorkshire Pudding, which arrived fresh in a steel pan.  And did I mention the 3 types of horseradish sauces; mild, creamy, and spicy.

House of Prime Rib Cut with Creamed Spinach

King Henry VIII Cut with Mashed Potatoes

Each bite of prime rib was just as delicious as the last.  I recommend that if you find yourself craving some red meat check this place out.  Just make sure to get reservations or be prepared to wait.  I did, and it was well worth it.  Bon appetit!


~ by jedimasterglo on November 19, 2009.

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