Movie Review: New Moon

Despite originally wanting to wait a week for all the hype to die down, I still went to watch New Moon on opening night (Friday, not the Thursday midnight showing).  Overly cheesy, but I ate up all of it.  It was terribly awesome.  My only complaint, not enough screen time for Paul =(

Here are my Top 5 most memorable moments:

5)  Waiting in line for 1 hour with Kahlua spiked Starbucks coffee.  I did not want a bad seat.

4)  Liking the fact that they did not spend too much screen time on the Bella depression state.

3)  The hot, ripped, and bad ass wolf pack.

2)  The reaction of the crowd when Jacob unexpectedly took off his shirt.

1)  Realizing that nobody in the audience got up for a restroom break during the entire movie.

The Verdict:  Go see it! Don’t listen to any review or hype, just go.



~ by jedimasterglo on November 25, 2009.

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