Scotland and London

Apologies that this blog is over one year late but the draft has been saved so I figured that I might as well go ahead and post it.  When I was in Internal Audit I was lucky enough to be assigned on an audit at our UK site.  Below are some highlights of the time spent in Scotland and London back in February 2010.


I spent the majority of the time in a town called Greenock where my work is.  Greenock is a small town about 30-40 mins west of Glasgow.   I stayed at the Tontine Hotel which was a cute boutique hotel with a nice complimentary Scottish breakfast.  Here are a few highlights of the restaurants I hit up in Greenock.

  • Cafe Balfe – A good traditional restaurant within walking distance of the hotel.
  • Jade Galore – Typical Chinese buffet.  Nothing was too memorable.
  • Morgan’s – Traditional Scottish restaurant with huge portions.  I had the fish and chips, yummy!
  • Cafe Continental – International restaurant serving various types of cuisine.  Started the meal with chicken liver pate and my entrée was the green curry with prawns.  Probably my best meal in Scotland.
  • Priya’s Palace – Indian restaurant 2 blocks from the Tontine.  Great selection of Indian food.
  • Cathay Royale – A much better Chinese restaurant, not buffet style.
  • Caravelha’s –  Portuguese restaurant recommended but just about everybody.

Once the weekend came around I took the train from Greenock to Edinburgh for a change of scenery and some sightseeing.  I stayed at the Apex City Hotel near the city center which very nice and contemporary but was way too overpriced for the value in my opinion.   In order to see all the sights in one day, I went on one of those open-top bus tours.  Our tour guide was hilarious and explained the sights quite well.  This  is me in front of the famous Edinburgh Castle.

In order to make an early flight out to London, I spent the last night in Scotland in Glasgow near the airport.  I stayed at the City Inn Hotel which is  a cute contemporary boutique hotel near the water.  Ended up hanging out at a bar/restaurant called  Bar Soba.  One of my bosses recommended this as a good place to check out.  Good thing was that it was both restaurant and bar so it was a one stop shop for the last night.


I stopped off in London for a couple of days since my connecting flight back to SFO was out of Heathrow.  This gave me a chance to hang out with some family and most importantly do some eating, drinking, and shopping!  I had been to London before so this time around I wanted to do some shopping.

  • Portobello Market – The first day I was there my nice and I went to Portobello Market.  This is a famous street market in West London where you can find food, crafts,  antiques, and souvenirs.  I was great walking around and checking out the various vendors.
  • Westfield UK – A short bus-ride away was the large Westfield shopping mall.  This place is HUGE!  They had a good mix of high-end and middle-tier stores.  I ended up finding a great sweater dress at Topshop here.
  • Camden Town – So, I did a quick stop through Camden Town just to see what it was all about.  Did not get much shopping done but plenty of people watching.  This also another open-air market area but with much more bizarre, alternative type items.
  • Oxford Street – This is the main shopping area in London and is considered to be the most busy shopping street in Europe.  They have representation from all of the UK department stores and I was quite excited to pick up some new clothes that I know I would not be able to get in the US.  We ended up shopping at Zara, Topshop, and Primark.

Camden Town

So like I said, this blog is about 1 year overdue.  I certainly would love to take another trip back to the UK so here’s hoping I can make it there for the 2012 Olympics! =)


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