Movie Review: 127 Hours

I happened to catch the Dateline NBC special on Aron Ralston’s story a couple of weeks ago so I really wanted to see this movie.  I also happen to think that James Franco is quite sexy in his own way.  Remember him from Spiderman!?!  Anyways, he did a fantastic job portraying Aron Ralston who was supposedly an arrogant and cocky adventurer at that point.  The movie is not too long and it takes you through all of the various struggles during the 127 hours including sleeping conditions, the weather, hallucinations, the importance of a swiss army knife, and his struggle and decision to cut off his own arm.  The movie gets pretty graphic when it comes to that part.  Overall, this movie is a great storytelling of an unbelievable true story.

The Verdict:  A matinée price must see.  At least before the Oscars since Franco is nominated for Best Actor.


~ by jedimasterglo on February 17, 2011.

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