Harris’ Restaurant – San Francisco

I love me some good steaks!  I finally got to try out Harris’ Restaurant in SF for my friends birthday about a month ago.  I’ve been to a few other good steakhouses in SF such as Ruths’ Chris, 5A5, and House of Prime Rib, but this was always on my to-do list.

The restaurant is very classy and old world with its dark wood walls.  There is a lounge area near the bar complete with a piano player.  We were seated in the main dining are on the other side of the bar.  For dinner I went with my usual, the filet mignon.  My friends had the rib eye and prime rib.  What I like about Harris’ is that the meal comes with it’s own sides and you do not need to order them a la carte.

Bone-In Rib Eye

For some reason, I have to give the filet mignon at Ruths’ Chris the edge.  I think it must have been the sizzling plate and the butter that did it for me.  Would I go back to Harris’ again? Sure, but I will probably hit up House of Prime Rib first before I make a return trip back.



~ by jedimasterglo on April 4, 2011.

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