Smallville: The End of an Era

Alas, the time has finally come for the end of one of my most beloved TV Series, Smallville.  The 2 hour series finale is tonight and my feelings are both sad and excited.  I’m sad that its coming to an end but also excited for a great ending.  I hope the writers did their job.   Looking back here are a few of my favorite episodes over the past 10 seasons.

Pariah:  This was the episode where Clark reveals to Chloe his secret by catching a speeding car.  This one was from such a long time ago but I remember it was so good!

Reckoning:  This was Smallville’s 100th episode and probably the most dramatic in my opinion.  It was when Clark revealed his secret to Lana only to lose her in a car accident.  So he goes back in time not knowing that in exchange he gave up the life of his father, Jonathan.  This episode is also very memorable since the episode featured James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” which was a big hit at the time.

Homecoming:   This episode was the most memorable for me from this past season.    Lois convinces Clark to attend their high school reunion.  To add drama, Brainiac pays a visit and shows Clark his past, present, and future.  I also believe it was in this episode that Lois and Clark first exchanged “I love yous.”  ❤

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~ by jedimasterglo on May 13, 2011.

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