Pan-Fried Noodles and More

I love Chinese pan-fried noodles! One of my go-to places when I’m craving them is Cooking Papa in Santa Clara. The restaurant is very clean and the prices are great. My friend and I ordered the house special pan-fried noodles, a 1/2 roast duck, and 1 small bowl of rice all for a total of $19 (not including tip). We even had some leftovers.  The only downside about Cooking Papa is that they only accept cash.  Below are some pics.  Sorry for the crappy iPhone 3Gs quality.

20110524-040426.jpgHouse Special Pan-Fried Noodles

20110524-040450.jpgHalf order of Roast Duck

I had a nice relaxing San Jose weekend too! I went for the first time to House of Pizza in downtown SJ on Friday night to watch the Sharks game. Then on Saturday night there was the Prince concert.  Then I ended the weekend in downtown again by watching more Sharks on Sunday at Britannia Arms (sadly they lost that game).  Here are a few more pics.

20110524-041908.jpgConfusion Pizza at House of Pizza

20110524-041925.jpgThe view of the stage at the Prince concert

20110524-041946.jpgFish and Chips at Britania Arms


~ by jedimasterglo on May 24, 2011.

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