Concrete Jungle

I think I’ve just about fully recovered from my trip to NYC last weekend (June 3-5).  I went to celebrate my one of my friend’s big 30th birthday.  It was such a jam-packed weekend.  I’ve been to NYC several times before so I did not do too much touristy stuff.  I got my shopping fix at SoHo and there were some new NYC memories from this trip.

My friend is a huge baseball fan so even though there were no home games that weekend we still went out to the Bronx for the Yankees Stadium tour.  This was definitely the largest, most pristine baseball stadium I have ever been to.  As my friend stated, you can practically eat off the floors, it was that clean!

Another highlight was the wonderful steak dinner the gals and I had on our last night there.  My friend and I had been eager to have a nice, sit-down steak dinner and as luck would have it our hotel had a highly rated steak restaurant.  So at 10:00 pm Saturday night, us gals headed downstairs for the last supper at RARE restaurant.  I opted for the 22oz bone-in rib-eye which was humongous and absolutely delicious.  My jaw was so tired at the end from all the chewing =p

New York City has such a great energy I cannot wait to go back .  The people are so multi-cultured, the fashion is hot, and the city never sleeps (and neither did I)!  I also just got back another crazy birthday weekend in LA and then it’s my birthday this weekend.  Let’s hope my body can continue to handle the lack of sleep.


~ by jedimasterglo on June 13, 2011.

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