My 31st Birthday Weekend!

I had another fun filled weekend this time to celebrate my own birthday.  Sure, I turned 31 but I still feel like I am 21.

Kicked off the weekend on Friday with dinner at PF Changs and drinks at Easy lounge in Oakland with my Puerto Vallarta chicas.  I then spent the good part of Saturday recovering in order to prepare for the all you can eat and drink at Shabu House in SF.  We definitely got our money’s worth especially with the sake and beer.  Since we were all pretty smashed after dinner we just headed back to the hotel and hit up a bar around the corner called Kate O’briens.  One of the best birthday gifts was seeing Richard get so messed up =)  Here are a few pics:

My dear friends got me my first ever Tiffany & Co bracelet… so nice of them.  I also like to get myself something nice so now, I’ve been trying to decide what it should be.  I am currently debating between a Marc Jacobs purse, Michael Kors watch or a Canon digital SLR camera.  Decisions…. decisions!


~ by jedimasterglo on June 20, 2011.

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