Alexander’s Steakhouse

I was thrilled to have the chance to finally try out Alexander’s Steakhouse in Cupertino.  Each time I happen to be at Valco mall I pass by this restaurant as I’m leaving to exit and get on the 280.

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I had the chance to try only a few dishes but they were all amazingly to-die-for!  Since this was a nice and fancy meal, I felt weird taking pictures of my food so all I have is my best attempt to describe the meal.

Hamachi Shooters:  We started with the hamachi shooters and I have to say these were the highlight of the meal.  As a starter, I did not expect too much, but the flavors of all the ingredients complemented each other so perfectly.  The shooters came in shot glasses with pieces of hamachi sashimi mixed with with truffled ponzu sauce, jalapeno, ginger, avocado, and some greens on top.  I definitely want to go back another time just to have these.

Fried Mac and Cheese:  I think when I ordered the mac and cheese as my side I did not see the “fried” in the description.  I expected a little dish of mac n’ cheese but no… this came out in what looked like a large eggroll cut in half and stuffed with mac n’ cheese.  It was accompanied by an additional cheese dipping sauce.  The serving was small but very hearty and cheesy.

10oz. Filet Mignon:  Since it only cost a few dollars more for an extra 4 oz. I went ahead and ordered the 10oz filet mignon.  I ordered mine medium-rare and it was cooked at the perfect warm pink center.  As I took my first bite the meat was super tender and nearly melted in my mouth.  The filet was presented with a duo of sauces drizzled over the top. I personally prefer my steaks without any sauces drizzed over the top… but that is just my personal preference.  It was very good but I think I prefer the simplicity of the steaks at Ruth’s Chris.

Overall I had a great experience at Alexander’s.  I definitely want to take the rest of my friends here for a nice dinner when there is a special occasion.  I think my friend Richard will need an order of the hamachi shooters all for himself.



~ by jedimasterglo on July 20, 2011.

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