Famous Dave’s BBQ

I’ve been craving pork BBQ lately so I finally decided it was time to check-out Famous Dave’s BBQ.  I first noticed Famous Dave’s as I was shopping at The Plant shopping center off Curtner in San Jose.  This is the same center that has the Ulta, Off-Broadway Shoes, Target, Five Guys, and Boiling Crab.

We managed to get there right before happy hour ended. Their happy hour goes until 7pm each weeknight and tall draft beers are only $3 for domestic, $3.50 for imported.  Upon looking at the menu, one can easily be overwhelmed.  They happened to have a new summer special menu which featured their Huli Buli Chicken.  When I saw all of the food included in the platter my friend and I decided it might be best if we just share the platter.  It came with: 2 pieces of Huli Buli chicken thighs, 4 BBQ pork ribs, corn on the cob, corn muffin, coleslaw, and fries.  We also ordered an extra side of baked beans.

Everything was very tasty and well cooked.  I could taste the BBQ smoke flavoring in both the chicken and pork ribs.  All of the side dishes complimented the BBQ very well.  The other great thing about Famous Dave’s is their 5 BBQ dipping sauces.  My favorites were the Sweet & Zesty and Devils Spit.   I only wish that Devils Spit was a bit more spicy.

Overall I had a great experience at Famous Dave’s.  They have a full bar, great happy hour specials, and yummy food.  It’s quite pricey for just one platter of food but keep in mind that one entree is enough to share between 2 people.


~ by jedimasterglo on July 29, 2011.

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