Chanel: Black Pearl

•April 29, 2012 • Leave a Comment

My first Chanel polish! (First Chanel anything really.)  I have a few polishes similar to this in my stash but none that are nearly as “pearly” as this one.  It’s a dark grey with some hints of green.  Easy to apply and only took 2 coats.

I’m so excited to have this in my collection!  It’s a unique and trendy color but also very classic.


Dream Shoes and Vegas

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I think I finally found my dream pair of designer shoes in Vegas this past weekend.  I did not think I was such a crazed shoe lady but I’ve now realized that I might be.  My shoe closet is overflowing and I have purchased 2 new pairs of shoes this past week.

And then there was the dream pair…..

Jimmy Choo Nova in Champagne (image from

Modeled in action

It was so tempting to snatch them up.  It’s crazy how shopping in Vegas can get out of hand very quick when alcohol is involved.  Now if only I had the guts to drop $650 on just SHOES!

Ladies pic!

It was a quick weekend trip to Vegas to celebrate my good friend’s “30th” birthday.  We had great fun shopping and had dinner at Beso at Aria/Crystals.  I highly recommend, the filet mignon was so tender!

OPI: Cuckoo For This Color

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My sister had gotten Khloe Had A Lam Lam from the Kardashian Kolors Nicole by OPI line.  It is a very dark teal shade.  I loved it so much I wanted to find something similar.  I picked up a shimmery version, OPI’s Cuckoo For This Color.  This is also a very dark teal but even better because of the shimmers.

Hope everyone has a Happy Friday!

Zoya: Gloria

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I had to get this color since it’s my name!  I ended up really liking the color since its a very shimmery pink.  Very easy to apply and only took two coats.  This was also my very first Zoya nail polish and I think I will be checking out more.



P.S.  Happy Valentines Day!

Holiday Happiness 2011

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I have been a terrible blogger lately.  So much has happened since my last post about my Miami vacation.  Christmas is only 2 days away and my friends and I had our annual “Holiday Happiness” Christmas party about 3 weeks ago.  We really kicked-off the season early this year.  This year was my turn to host so I rented out the game room at the condo complex.  It was a lot of fun and a great way celebrate with friends.  Here are a few pics from the party.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!  I’m definitely looking forward to a few days off to spend time with family and friends.


Miami 2011

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It has been a busy and rough past few weeks so the quick trip to Miami for Grace’s 30th birthday was much needed.   Here are a few pics of our adventures.

Rooftop pool at Congress Hotel South Beach

Just getting ready for a night out!

All the ladies… Happy Birthday Gracie!

Dinner at Puerto Sagua

Key Largo

Rich on one of the Cannons at Key Largo

Random Pirates at Sundowners in Key Largo

South Beach

The Ladies on the Last Night

I guess the next trip back to Miami won’t be until Deb’s 30th birthday.  I’m already looking forward to it.  I kinda wished I had taken more pictures of all the great food we had, it’s just that the DSLR camera is sometimes just too bulky to carry around.  I think I might go look for a Cuban sandwich somewhere here in San Jose =p.

China Glaze: For Audrey

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This is one of the most popular China Glaze shades out there.  It is supposed to be similar to the trademark Tiffany blue and I have to agree.  Since I’m out of the office and just at home recovering from my deviated septum nasal surgery, I figured I could paint my nails this fun color.

On a side note, the nasal surgery went extremely well.  I am recovering quite good, but the tough part is that the nose is still bloody and my pain medication makes me drowsy all the time.  I have been basically a couch potato the past 2 days straight.  Hopefully in about 2 weeks time I will be fully recovered and I can get back into my regular routine.